Configure Backup Exec 2010 + 2012 on VMware to Backup to Tape

This method below will guide in using VMware pass-through to connect a Physical tape device to a Virtual Machine.

1. Install Backup Exec on the Virtual Machine that you would like to be the Media Server, run updates then restart server. Do this until Backup Exec is    completely up to date.

2. Shutdown the Virtual Machine

3. Go to your Vmware Manager and edit the particular Virtual Machine that runs Backup Exec.

4. Click on Add – Hardware and select SCSI Device

5. Make sure the correct Tape device is selected

6. The Finish page will be displayed

7. Restart the Host server then start the Virtual Machine.

8. Go to Device Manager on the specific Virtual Machine and check if the Tape Device is listed.

10. Open Backup Exec. Go to Devices – Right click the server and select “Configure Tape Devices”

10. Select install Tape Device drivers. Leave defaults in place and keep clicking next. A Popup will appear asking if you would like to install unsigned drivers. Select install anyway.

11. Wizard will complete. Restart the Virtual Machine.

Now you will be able to run backups on the Virtual Machine as if it was a physical device.


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