RAID grow / Adding disks to RAID

Below the describes the process of growing the RAID on a server.


1. Make sure you have slots available for the new disk to be installed.

2. Make sure the drive size and speedĀ is the same as the current drives in the server.

3. Make sure the server supports hot-swappable drives before you install the disk on a running server.

4. Make sure the new hard drive has the necessary casing on it to slot into the server before you take it through to the client (This is for the hot-plug drives).

3. Install the Dell Server Administrator software (If it is a Dell server). You will use this to grow the RAID.

4. Make an image/backup of the server before growing the RAID.


1. Install the disk – This can be done while the system is live if the server support hot-plug drives. The lights on the new drives should immediately come on.

2. Open the Server Administrator software.

3. Select reconfigure on the Virtual Disk and click Execute.

4. Select the new disk you have installed that you want to add to the current RAID.

5. Select the RAID level. You would most likely not want to make any changes to the RAID so keep the RAID level the same as the current configuration.

6. It will now reconstruct the RAID to include the newly installed drive. Note that this can take several hours to complete. You can monitor the progress on the virtual disk.

7. Once the drive has been successfully added to the RAID you will see the free space available in Disk Management. You can now extend the current partition or create a new one. If you are using Server 2008 you can just right click on your current partition and select extend. If you are using Server 2003 you would have to use disk part.



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