Installing Server 2008R2 from USB

So you’ve got everything prepared ready to install Server 2008R2 only to realize that you have the .iso for Server 2008R2 but no DVD to burn it on.

Luckily as long as you have a USB stick you can load the ISO on there and boot from USB.

Here is the steps:

D:\ = Server 2008R2 Mounted ISO

E:\ = Plugged in USB drive

1. Format the USB drive with FAT32

2. Run command:  D:\boot\bootsect.exe /NT60 E:  – This will make the stick bootable

3. Run Command: RoboCopy “D:” “E:” /S /E /copy:datso /zb /np /r:1 /W:1 – This will copy all the required files to the USB stick.

4. Make sure booting from USB is enabled on your server.


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