Deploy Printers via Group policy for Win XP, Vista and Win 7

I took me a while to figure out how to Deploy printers affectively using Group Policy.

Below is a step by step guide on how to deploy it for computers running Win XP and upwards.

  1. Download the appropriate drivers for the printer. This will mean in most cases you will need the 64 and 32bit drivers. I usually download the drivers for Server 2008 32 and 2008 64 as this seems to work the best.
  2. Install the Print Server role which can be found under Print & Document Services

  1. Open the Print Management MMC and go to the server. Right click and add the network printer exactly like you would normally.

  1. After its finished install right click on the printer go to Properties – Sharing – Additional Drivers and add the 32 bit drivers.
  1. Open the Group policy Management Console and create a Group Policy Object Called Deployed Printers. After this you have to link it either to an Organisational Unit on straight to the domain. When linking it to a OU please take note that you can deploy the printer per user or per computer. So make sure the if you deploy per user that the OU contains Users.

  1. Right click on the printer and select Deploy Printer with Group policy.

  1. Browse and select the Group Policy we created in step 5 and tick the users box. Then click add to deploy the printer. Your printer will then be listed under Deployed printers. The printer will then be available after a restart for workstations Vista and upwards. For computer running Win XP please continue with step 8.


  1. With Win XP computers we also need to add a file called Pushprinterconnections.exe which I’ve uploaded as I struggled to get hold of it.
  2. Edit the Deployed Printers Group policy and go to User Configuration – Policies – Windows Settings – Scripts and edit the Logon Scripts.
  1. Click on show files and copy the pushprinterconnections.exe into that folder. Then close the folder.
  2. Click add and select the pushprinterconnections.exe file and click ok.

  1. Apply and close the Policy and your XP computer should now also have the printer applied after a restart.



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