Creating an Internal Relay for Printers in Exchange 2010

So you’ve installed your new Exchange 2010 server but now you have to change your printers to point to the new server otherwise the scan to email is going to stop working when you decommission the old server.

Here is the steps you need to follow;

This connector will be an Internal SMTP relay connector that does not require authentication for the specified IP addresses.


  1. Open you Exchange Management Console and go to: Server Configuration – Hub Transport
  2. Right Click and select – New Receive Connector
  3. Give your connector a name and select Custom under intended use.


  1. Under Local network settings leave  as default and click next

  1. This is the  part that caused my relay connector to never work. By default any IP address is allowed to relay. Remove this and only add the printers’ specific IP addresses. So it will be for example: If you add the entire subnet for example then the connector will not work as the default connector will then take precedence  which requires authentication.

  1. Click new and the connector will be created
  2. Then right-click on the newly created connector and select properties.
  3. Go to the Permission Groups tab and tick Anonymous users and Exchange servers

  1.  Go to the Authentication tab and tick the Externally Secured box.

  1. Then just change the printers to point to the IP address of the new server.
  2. One consideration if you have Anti-spam enabled on the exchange server then you just have to white list the printers so it doesn’t get blocked as spam.



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