Terminal Server – Users logging in with temp profiles

After you have migrated your terminal servers or configured Session Broker with roaming profiles you might find that some users are being logged in with temporary profiles. Below describes the steps to resolve this.

  1.  Request the user to log off from the TS session.
  1. Log in as the user and detect if the profile is problematic – It should give you a pop up telling you that you are logged in with a temp profile. To make sure, open command prompt and see if it shows the correct users profile in the first line or if it shows a temp profile.
  1. If you are using Session Broker (High availability terminal servers) – Go to command prompt, type hostname and see on what server you are experiencing the temp profile issue for the specific user (The problem might only be on the specific terminal server).
  1. Log off as the user and log on with an admin account.
  2. Go to regedit, locate the user and delete the users profile registry key.

HK_LOCAL_ MACHINE -> Software -> Microsoft -> Windows NT -> CurrentVersion -> ProfileList.

Right-click on ‘ProfileList’, click on ‘find’, type the name of the user, you will be directed to the users registery key, delete it (if there’s a duplicate, delete both). It usually creates a .bak registry entry if the profile is problematic.

6.  Copy the users pofile to a backup location (Moving the users profile out of the roaming profile location).

6.  You can now log in as the user – It will create a new profile for the user.

7.  Copy the old profile’s data to the new profile.

The user should now be able to continue working without being logged in with a temp profile.

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