VMware ESXi 5.5 – Error: ramdisk ‘tmp’ is full

Received below error as there was not enough free space on current (Default) scratch area space (Area to wright temp file to – required for host updates)

ESX error

  1. Need to change scratch location to area that have sufficient free space
  2. Create a new folder on datastore for each host using the following naming convention: ‘.locker-hostname
  3. Put host in maintenance mode
  4. Change scratch area for hosts to new folder location (Configuration > Advanced settings > ScratchConfig)
    1.  You would have to use the location name for the datastore (E.g. ‘/vmfs/volumes/5267c981-9a88a078-f998-90b11c592c9a/.locker-hostname’)
  5. Reboot host
  6. Exit maintenance mode


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